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We are running our company which is especially for wedding ceremonies. We will take all types of wedding orders and we will do all the things from A to Z. So, there will be no stress for the wedding couples and also their parents and relatives. We will do all the things in a very well mannered and we will guarantee that the people will get fully satisfied with our work. The bride and groom dresses are also available with us and if they want to purchase, we will be providing them with a discount of 20% and so they can save more money.

The dresses can be stitched in a good way and the bride and the groom will sparkle on the stage with the beautiful costumes. We will also offer the customers with a discount of 30 % for the accessories they purchase from us. We have different colors of wedding gowns and also we will make the color gowns as per the customer's wish. The customers are the key to our success and so we will give them 100 % satisfaction every time.

The customers can see our company website and contact us through phone calls, message or email. We will send us the images of the gowns and the accessories they want through WhatsApp. They can also come directly to our shops and the address will be on our web page. We have two more branches and the customers can come anywhere and grab their wonderful things for their heavenly marriage.

Thus conclude that marriage is not a simple thing and it requires more manual efforts and we are here to lessen your burdens and stress by making your work so simple. So, reach us to make your wedding a wonderful show and so memorable for each and every one.

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Our Services

Wedding dream

The wedding is a dream for everyone for both men and women. Everybody will think of their big dream day and they want to be the best on their day. So, we all will start purchasing the wedding clothes from the day 1 we got engaged. There are many things to do at a wedding, purchasing the clothes, stitching it and buying other accessories for those clothes.

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Wedding clothes

This is not an easy task because some tailors will not stitch our wedding clothes as we said. So, we should be very careful in choosing the right tailors and also we should try to purchase wedding gowns and all the accessories from a very famous shop. Because the wedding is a one-time celebration of our life. So, we should wear fantabulous costumes and shine like the bright stars in the sky

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There are many famous clothing stores

available in many famous places. Even they will design a different and new type of dresses based on our fitness. As they are so experienced, they will have the skill to tell us which dress and color will suit our skin tone and what are the accessories suit best for that costume. But the wedding gowns and the other accessories are very costly and we have to roam here and there to find out who will give the best in prices.

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The next one is the wedding invitation

The wedding will become remarkable and memorable only when our friends and relatives are present. They are the only persons who will make the wedding even more enjoyable. So, choose some great patterns of invitations to print and there are many printers available to print the invitation card based on the pattern we select. We should count the number of friends and relatives we are going to invite and print the invitations accordingly.

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Waste of money

Because wasting the invitation is not a good thing and it will be just a waste of money. We can also see some websites for the invitation design and can give that design to the printers. They will print it within two days and will give us the example invitation for proofreading. We have to read it and rectify the errors and give back to them to print the original invitations. The final invitation will be given to us within one week of time.

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The background flower decoration

Is the trending one now in every marriage. The couples spend a lot of money on the stage decoration with flowers. Nowadays there are many catering services which will do everything for marriage that is they will arrange flowers and background decorations, food for marriage and everything. But, the cost is too expensive and the poor people cannot afford these caterers.

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So, it is better to arrange everything separately without giving the whole order to the caterers. The flower decoration will be done within half an hour and they will do one background for reception and another one for the wedding scene.

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The photographers and the videographers

Are the other main persons for a marriage. They are the real ones who make it more remarkable. We all are getting dressed up in a marriage just to take photos. So, the photographers should be very energetic and they should be ready to take whenever we want to take. Because the photos are the memories and when we look at the photos later, we will get cherished reminding the marriage days and it will be definitely a sweet memory. So, try selecting the best photographer and videographer and make our wedding even better.

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The beauticians

Are very important for a wedding to make both the bride and groom shine on the stage. The bridal beauticians have developed much and we can see around ten beauty parlors in a street who are well versed in bridal makeups. The beauticians will bring all the necessary accessories needed for the bride like the safety pins for saree draping, hairpins to do hairstyles and all. But the bridal makeup is too expensive and the next one is the mehndi. In the olden days, the people will make henna at home and they will put in their hands and it will last for at least ten days. But now the technology development has an impact even on the makeup items. The henna is filled in a cone and the designs can be easily drawn with it. But, it is not good for health and it will cause serious skin infections like skin cancer.

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